The Brewing Government Funding Storm That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

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Think the impacts of this year’s presidential Brewing Government Funding Stormelection won’t be felt until 2017 (excluding the Trans Pacific Partnership and Merrick Garland Supreme Court…

OMB IT Guidance: It’s not too late

Washington Technology
Some may dismiss it as irrelevant. Some may Stan Soloway 150
say that it is too little too late. But in truth, while it would have been great to see it sooner, it is far from too late for the Office of Management and Budget’s new IT policy to have an impact.

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Americans Should Demand a Serious Budget Debate

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Any hope of driving real efficiency in federal agencies hinges in large part on the ability of our elected leaders to come to some consensus on the nation’s fiscal course. If there was any question that the budget President Obama submitted to…

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Of Politics and Procurement

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How best to say this? “Here we go again?” Once more, a group of well-politics and procurementintentioned members of Congress are pushing the president to issue a directive that would mandate that contractors disclose all of their political contributions upon being awarded a government contract. Transparency, we are told, is essential to…

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